Get your HTC Flyer from Best Buy on Saturday

Word on the streets is that you can now get the HTC Flyer tablet prior to its Sunday release date. The Flyer no longer has the hard street date of May 22 and Best Buys across the nation have been instructed to sell them now if they have them in stock. If they don’t have any in stock, they can begin selling them as soon as stock is received, which could be tomorrow.

If you were planning on getting an HTC Flyer tablet on Sunday, you might as well hit up your local Best Buy tomorrow. There’s a pretty good chance that their shipment would have arrived and that you’ll be able to walk out with your new HTC tablet. Before you head out, give them a call to see if they have them available.

One thing to note: the HTC Flyer does not come with the stylus in the U.S. You’re going to have to shell out an additional $80 in order to be able to scribble notes on your new tablet.

via AndroidCentral