Get up to $300 for your old smartphone if you purchase a new Galaxy S II, S III, or Note

Looking to save some money on your upcoming device? If you’re thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy device, you might want to take advantage of Samsung’s Safe2Switch program which offers cash for your old device. For a limited time, you can receive up to $300 for your old phone if you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, or Galaxy Note. Don’t worry, if you’ve already purchased your new Galaxy device, you can still participate in the offer by providing proof of purchase.

While you probably won’t be getting the full $300 for your device, whatever amount you get will definitely help lower the price of your new Galaxy S II, S III, or Galaxy Note. For instance, for a new RAZR Maxx that is properly working, you’ll get back $200; a Droid X2 will net you $45; and a Galaxy Nexus $130. If your device features a broken screen or water damage, expect the buyback price to be even less.

To get started, head over to Samsung’s Facebook page or go to

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