Get the wallpaper of Android eating an apple

During the day one keynote address at Google I/O, Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra poked a little fun at Apple by displaying a picture of the Android robot eating a bright red apple. It was fun little jab at Apple that gave the audience a nice laugh. Soon after the image was displayed, everyone wanted to know where to get it! Well, it’s now available for you to download as a wallpaper. The original was created by Fraser Ntukula, an artist based in the UK. The modified versions of the drawings were done by Steve Albright.

To download simply click on your desired image. After it opens, right click on it and choose to save the image.

If you missed they Keynote address at Google I/O, which was all about Android, you can watch in its entirety here. Trust me, it’s filled with exciting Android news and info.

Source: Fraser Ntukula (twitter) via Phandroid

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