Get the Amazon Kindle Fire on November 15 from Best Buy

If you haven’t pre-ordered your Kindle Fire yet from Amazon, chances are that you won’t get it on launch day. currently lists the 7-inch tablet with a ship date of 3 to 5 days. If you haven’t pre-ordered your Kindle Fire and want one on launch day, you might want to hit up your local Best Buy.

Best Buy will be offering the Kindle Fire on Tuesday, November 15 at all of their locations nationwide. They say that they will have an ample amount, so might not need to camp out or anything crazy like that. If you want, you can visit your local Best Buy tomorrow, Monday, November 14, and pre-order for a guaranteed copy on the 15th.

The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s first Android tablet. It sells for $199 and offers access to many of Amazon’s services, such as movies, music, app store, and much more.

Source: Best Buy

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