So what did you get this Black Friday?


Many of who may or may not shopped this Black Friday. To be honest, I was not planning to but ended up getting a few things. First, I wanted to get HTC’s RE Camera which was/is on sale for $99 (50% off) for review purposes, and maybe keep to tape by kid soccer games. I ordered it from Best Buy and went to pick it up yesterday with my son to get some air after our Thanksgiving dinner. I ended up getting a Call Of Duty Xbox One controller (because it looks cool) and the Samsung Level On Ear headphones which are $99 ($79 off) for my wife.

Online, I picked up the TYLT VU Wireless charger (50% off) and the Pure Gear Extreme USB car charger (Quick Charge 2.0) at 50% off as well. Finally, I purchased a 64GB Samsung Pro Class microSD card to use with my camcorder. And that’s it for me.

This is nuts because I was not planning to buy anything except the RE Camera. Your turn now. What did you get this Black Friday? Let us know in the comments section below.