Gapgate not present in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 U.S. models?

galaxy-note-4-no- gapgate

All day today, we have been seeing reports about some Exynos-powered Galaxy Note 4 units having a gap between the display panel and the device’s frame – it is called #gapgate in case you’re asking. People who have the faulty phablets are able to insert an A4 paper size in the gap according to BGR.

No one at this point is sure about the severity of this is issue. Samsung has not officially commented in it. It is very possible that a small batch of Note 4s is affected-30,000 of them maybe.

Thanks to an anonymous tip from someone who has an AT&T Galaxy Note 4, we’re able to verify of one of the U.S. variant has the isue and it does not. I was told that there is no gap whatsoever and the card used in the picture above cannot stand u like the one shown below. So if you were having doubts about buying one, it doesn’t look like #gapegate widespread issue.


via, BGR