Gamestop sells first wave of Nexus 7 pre-orders, beats Play Store

Earlier today, I walked in my local Gamestop asking if they had any Nexus 7 tablets in stock. I was told that they did but were only available to those who pre-ordered the tablet and were included in the “first wave.” I was then asked if I wanted to reserve mine with a $50 deposit in order to be included in the second wave which is scheduled to be delivered early August. If you happen to be one of those folks who pre-ordered the N7 early enough to be in the first wave, you should definitely call you Gamestop store. Some lucky folks over at the XDA Forums are already baragging about their new gadget. On the other hand people who ordered as early as June 27, paid $14 for shipping plus tax, from the Play Store are still waiting for a sign from Google.

Did you get yours?