Galaxy Nexus sales ban temporarily suspended until July 12, says Appeals Court

The United Stated Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said earlier that the ongoing sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus is to be temporarily suspended, “pending their receipt of Apple’s response (on July 12) to the motion for a stay pending appeal and the court’s consideration of the papers submitted.”

This ruling is a result of Samsung multiple attempts to appeal Judge Lucy Koh’s decision from last week; she actually denied Samsung’s request for a lift of the ban as well, ¬†after Apple posted the $95.6 million bond. Thanks to the Federal Appeals Court, Google is now allowed to sell the Galaxy Nexus via the Play Store, where it still shows as “coming soon.” The ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still in full effect as the South Korean company’s appeal was denied by this same court.

We’re very curious to see how Apple is going to convince this Appeals Court to reinstate the ban on the Galaxy Nexus. In the meanwhile, we hope to see the phone back in stock in the Play Store.

via The Verge | Court Order