Fan makes TV ad for the LG G6, and it’s actually great!

The LG G6 was announced last week at MWC marking LG’s attempt to be more competitive with Samsung and Apple in 2017. The G6 actually looks really nice and is has everything a power user can ask for in a phone.

It is waterproof, has wireless charging, supports microSD, and has a crisp IPS display and more. Possibly the only thing I’d wish it had is the new Snapdragon 835 processor but you probably won’t be able to tell the difference in performance on a day to day normal use. As any phone maker, LG has unveiled its official TV which showcases the phone’s features trying to appeal to a young crowd. They used a slow-paced music which is a bit boring if you ask me. See it for yourself above. Yeah it’s bleh.

YouTube user “Max Goldberg” decided to make his own LG G6 commercial using the famous “Like a G6” song as background music. Not only the song added excitement but it also made remembering the phone’s ad more easy.

LG, take note….

via Reddit

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