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Rumor: Facebook and HTC working on smartphone

How does another Facebook phone sound? After launching the HTC Chacha and HTC Salsa, two Android-powered phones with dedicated Facebook buttons, it looks like the two companies are getting ready to give it another shot. According to sources familiar with the matter, HTC and Facebook are working on another Facebook phone.

The new Facebook phone will have a platform exclusive to Facebook to enable and integrate all functions currently available on the popular social networking website. It is unclear if the phone will feature Google services, or if Facebook will be heading in the direction of Amazon and its Kindle Fire.

According to Digitimes, HTC is working with Facebook because Google has chosen Samsung to develop the next Nexus device. The rumored Facebook phone is expected to be launched sometimes during the third quarter of 2012.

Now that Facebook is about to go public, them developing a phone of their own wouldn’t be such as bad idea. The company is looking for ways to make money out of the millions of people that currently access the social networking site via mobile devices.

By Jonathan Radande

Jonathan converted to the Android platform from Blackberry with the original Motorola Droid. He currently has a Samsung Galaxy Nexus complete with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Verizon Wireless, a Motorola Xoom, and a Kindle Fire. Besides keeping up with Android news, he enjoys spending time with his family, gaming, reading, and computers.