European price of the G Watch R found to be €299, thanks to LG Germany


As you guys may already know, LG announced their newest smartwatch the G Watch R last night. The letter “R” stands for round which is what the watch is. This LG’s attempt at competing with the ever-popular-unreleased Moto 360. Both watches are pretty similar in terms of specs but not really on design – except for the circle shape. What will really set them apart would be the price (maybe).

In last 24 hours, LG issued a press release about the G Watch R in Germany. Their PR department left us all with a good hint. The LG wearable will cost 299 Euros, that is 400 U.S. Dollars. The European price does however include VAT (Value-Added-Tax) and other fees. If LG is really looking to compete with the Moto 360 ($249), we think that the G Watch R will be around the same price here in the United States Of America.

The European release date is set for sometimes in October.

Last night, we started a poll asking you guys which one out of the Moto 360 and the G Watch R you’re going to get. Have you changed your mind now that you have an idea about pricing? Let us know.

via AP I LG


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