Early 2015 is when we’ll see the HTC Smartwatch


Rumors about an HTC smartwatch have been floating around the web for a little while. HTC has even come out and denied that they’re building one. According to a report from CNET, HTC is planning to release a smartwatch in early 2015.

If this report happens to be true. HTC is probably working on something as great as its latest masterpiece, the HTC One M8. CNET’s sources mentioned that the watch with a product that consumers will “gravitate” toward. By then, we’ll likely see a new version Android Wear. Speaking of, the next update is due to roll out next month.

We’re going to ask HTC that they make sure the battery life isn’t anything like what we’re seeing from the current Android wearables. Let’s also not forget that the Apple Watch is also scheduled to release in 2015. Who’s going to wait?

via Cnet