Download NewsWeek and Farm Frenzy free from the Amazon AppStore

Continuing with their “free premium app per day” promotion, Amazon has decided to give away not one, but two premium apps free of charge today. Today’s free apps are Farm Frenzy and Newsweek.

Farm Frenzy is a FarmVille-type game that allows you to look after your own farm. You will be responsible for looking after the chickens, sheep, cows, and the other farm animals. In addition to looking after animals, you will also be in charge of growing and producing things.

I’m not a fan of Farmville so I personally did not try this out. The reviews from the Amazon AppStore aren’t positive either. The number one complain about Farm Frenzy is the number of permissions that the game requires. A lot of people aren’t happy about all of the personal information the app requests access for.

The second application being given away by Amazon is NewsWeek. The app usually sells for $1.99, but today, it’s yours free of charge. The reviews are in on this one, and it’s also not looking so good. It’s really a good thing that they’re offering this app free because even I don’t think that it’s worth $2.

The app basically gives you access to OLD news. It would have been great if content from the website was also available, but that’s not the case. As soon as I opened it up, there was 1 story from today in the Top Stories section. The next story was a March 26 article on the life of Gerladine Ferraro.

Since I’m a tech guy, I browsed to the Tech section to see what news was available there, and the most recent story was a March 13 article about the Physicist Michio Kaku. Yes, you read that right, March 13, news that’s over 2 weeks old. I immediately uninstalled.

If you’re a fan of digital farming and don’t mind that the app will want access to all of your private information, go ahead and take a look at Farm Frenzy. If you don’t mind reading news that’s old, then the NewsWeek app will be a great app for you.

Download Farm Frenzy and NewsWeek from the Amazon AppStore.

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