Kevlar Strong Cables: USB-Can’t believe it.

ZUS Kevlar reinforced USB-A to USB-C Cable.

I have tried so many cables since changing over to the USB-C wielding Nexus 6P. Ok, maybe not that many when you look at Benson Leung and the work he has done around testing the influx of USB-C cables, but I have more than the average amount of cables lying around.

My latest is the ZUS Kevlar reinforced USB-A to USB-C cable that is currently on Indiegogo. What makes this cable worth checking out? Well Benson himself has reviewed and has confirmed it is USB-C compliant. The cable reached 55% of it’s funding goal is just 100 minutes on Indiegogo. Oh, and the cable is made with Kevlar! The same material the military uses to create bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets. This is not he first time Kevlar has made it’s way on to electronics. The Motorola Droid Razr has a Kevlar coating on the outside of the smartphone a few years ago.

That does not mean this product is in fact bulletproof. The Kevlar simply creates a very durable and normal life-proof design. Nonda, the company behind this product, backs the cable with a Lifetime Warranty. They even challenged people to do crazy things to try and break the cable and submitting their videos to the company.

If your cute cat has been chewing your non Kevlar cables and costing you money, you may want to look into this one!

I have been using the cable for the past few weeks at home, in the car, and at work. It is light and flexible. The braided cord design is thinner than those by iOrange-E and is way more flexible. I like that. The cable is 4 feet long which is pretty standard, but too short for my liking. I also like the USB-A end’s design with the plug on the side. This design works great for outlets behind furniture and can be plugged in easier is tighter spaces.


IMG_20160503_173334 IMG_20160503_173537 IMG_20160503_173437

The cable is designed well and it works as you would expect from a higher priced cable, but that’s not what makes this cable stand out. I honestly never tested the cable to the extreme limits that others have. I used the cable as it was meant to be used. I stuffed it in my work bag. I threw it in my car. I packed it away with luggage for a weekend away. I did not run it over with my car and my cat was not interested in eating it. He is 10 years old and some of his teeth have fallen out, so it is safe to say he wasn’t going to hurt the cable. Here are more extreme examples of how others have used it though…

The cable should hold up to your pets or accidentally running it over with your vacuum. It charges fast. It is more expensive than your run of the mill cables, but it is future proof with USB-C and will stand up against most tings over time. Head over to their Indiegogo page to take advantage of one of their early bird deals!

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