Don’t believe the hype — Asus Transformer Prime still scheduled for December 19 launch

If you’ve heard rumors of the Asus Transformer Prime being delayed due to Wi-Fi issues, you should be happy to know that Asus chimed in on the matter and has denied the recent reports that the upcoming quad-core tablet would be delayed. On Friday, Phandroid posted a story about a user who received the following message from NCIX, a retailer that the user pre-ordered the Transformer Prime tablet from:

“Unfortunately, we just received word that the ASUS Transformer Prime has been delayed worldwide and will most likely not be available before Christmas. ASUS feels the Wi-Fi range does not currently meet their standards and has delayed all shipments worldwide. At the moment there is no ETA and no information on available quantities on the first batch.”

The guys over at The Verge got in touch with Asus about the rumored delay and received the following reply from an Asus US spokesperson:

At this point, we still show to be on schedule to start shipments the week of 12/19. I will provide an update once I have additional information.

According to Asus, the Transformer Prime is still on schedule for a December 19 launch. If the delay had been true, I believe that many more retailers who have pre-orders available for the tablet would be sending out emails to their customers, which hasn’t been the case. December 19 is not far away, so I guess we’ll be finding out what the deal is in a few days.

Source: Phandroid, The Verge