dockBoss+ gives Android, Blackberry, WP7 devices access to the many iOS speaker docks in the market

idockBoss+ wants you to put that old iOS speaker dock to work again. The company has created an adapter that will enable you to use your Android, Blackberry, or WP7 device on any of the iOS speaker docks that are currently in the market. So if you’re like one of the many people who left iOS for Android, you can get the dust off that old iPhone/iPod speaker dock and give it some new life.

The adapter features a microUSB and audio plugs on one side, and a 30-pin Apple proprietary connector on the other side. Simply hook things up, and enjoy your tunes on your old iOS speaker dock (or new if you’ve been wanting one but didn’t want an iDevice).

The dockBoss+ adapters will go on sale starting on September 28 and will cost you $30.

Buy: dockBoss+ Adapter for $30 from CableJive

Source: CableJive via Engadget

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