[Deal] AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G 11.6-inch Lapdock $60

If you missed out on the previous deal on the Atrix 4G Lapdock, you’ll probably want to jump on this one. 1SaleaDay is selling it for $60, $10 more than the previous deal, with free shipping but it is still a great price. This lapdock not only works with the Atrix but can also be hacked to work with other devices.

  • Lapdock for AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GHz dual-core processor enables ATRIX 4G to render graphics and games quickly
  • Continued uninterrupted calls even when the ATRIX 4G is removed from dock
  • Interactive computer-like experience from your smartphone
  • 11.6” screen and full keyboard make it easy to browse and work
  • Large touchpad, stereo speakers and two USB ports
  • When ATRIX 4G is docked, the webtop application opens
  • Full desktop Mozilla Firefox 3.6 web browser with support for Adobe Flash Player
  • Super thin design- weighs just 2.4 pounds, easily slips into a bag just like a laptop
  • 36Wh three-cell battery
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of use

These things sell out pretty fast. So if you were planning to buy one, get it while the sale is still on.

Buy Motorola Atrix 4G Lapdock $60

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