[Deal Alert] NVIDIA Shield on sale for $180, must use V.me by Visa Checkout


Yesterday, NVIDIA revealed its plans to bring Valve’s famous PC game Portal to the Android-powered NVIDIA Shield. They also announced a temporary price drop  for the console, making it $199 (instead of $250). A great deal if you ask us.

Just in case, you wanted more money off of the Shield. The folks at slickdeals found a way to do that with one condition: you must use Visa’s V.me checkout method. In case, you never heard of it, you can find more info here (it took me about 5 minutes to register my card – it DOES NOT have to be a Visa). Once you’re done doing all of that and during checkout, use the code “VMEMADNESS“. The price should drop to $179.99!

This is probably the cheapest we’ve seen the NVIDIA Shield go for. We suggest you jump on it while Newegg still has them in stock.

via SlickDeals
Source Newegg