DashClock returns with Material Design update

Screenshot_2015-04-19-10-26-31 Screenshot_2015-04-19-10-21-37 Screenshot_2015-04-19-10-21-22

Roman Nurik, a design advocate at Google, launched DashClock Widget a couple of years ago. He hasn’t updated it since December of 2013. The cool thing about this widget is that it not only let you keep an eye on your emails, weather or time but it also allows you to add custom extensions for specific apps like Facebook, Twitter, flashlight and more.

We’re happy to report that Mr. Nurik has released a new version of DashClock, with Material Design in mind, dubbed 1.7 and is currently in beta. Once you add the widget to your homescreen, you can resize it or change the padding. If you have used it before, you will feel right at home. Popular apps like PushBullet are already supported in DashClock. So far only the Settings menu has been update dot Material Design.

In order to get DashClock 1.7, you need to be a part of the beta community. It is easy to join. Go this Google+ page, click on “become a tester for DashClock” and follow the instructions.