Content filtering added to Android Market

Today has been (almost) all about the Android Market enhancements. We just talked about the Editor’s Choice feature that has been added to the highest-rated apps and we also talked about how application size limit has been increased to 4GB which will increase the availability of gaming apps in the future.

Google is also making app shopping an easy process by improving the “related apps” feature which will recommend additional apps that might appeal to you. If you’re wondering about how to get to the content filtering section, all you have to do is go to the Android Market, bring up the menu, then settings and you will then see “content filtering” as shown on the picture above. This feature can come in very handy especially if your little ones share your phone or tablet and you don’t want them to check “M” rated apps. Here are the ratings:

  • Everyone
  • Low maturity
  • Medium maturity
  • High maturity
  • Show all app

What do you think about Android’s response to consumer demands for user-friendly app selection and user-defined settings? Did they hit the mark or do they have a long way to go?

via Android Central