ClockworkMod Recovery 6 now available for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

If you’re the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there’s some good news for you if you use ClockworkMod Recovery. Koushik Dutta, the developer of the popular custom recovery software for Android has announced that ClockworkMod Recovery 6 is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The new recovery software works for all variants of the Galaxy Nexus (GSM, CDMA on both Sprint and Verizon Wireless).

So, what’s new in version 6? According to the change log, you can expect a new backup format that de duplicates data between backups, faster backups, minor UI tweaks, and the ability to restore backups over 2GB. The new version of ClockworkMod is now available for all to flash on their devices via ROM Manager.

So, if you currently have ClockworkMod Recovery 5 installed on your Galaxy Nexus, check out ROM Manager and upgrade to version 6 when you’re ready!

Source: +Koushik Dutta

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