Check out Tegra Zone’s latest games: Demolotion Inc. and Jett Tailfin Racers

If you have Tegra-equipped devices and enjoy playing games on them, you should definitely take a look at Demolition Inc. and Jett Tailfin.

Demolition Inc. is an action startegy game where you get to play as Mike, a demolition worker from another planet. You get to destroy cities while navigating Mike’s UFO. You will be given weapons such as a tractor beam, anti-gravity ramps and wrecking ball to cause as much mayhem as possible. There are two different game modes: Campaign and Rampage. The Tegra version, also called THD, brings controller support, weather effects and 3 exclusive levels. Unfortunately, this game will only be available for Tegra-equipped devices. Other Android devices will be supported after April 26, 2012.

Jett Tailfin THD is a racing game that takes place undersea where a bunch of “fishies” get to race while avoiding all kinds of obstacles such as sharks and octopi. Folks with Tegra 3 devices will experience 1080p HD graphics, high-resolution textures ad motion-blur. It also supports LAN multi-player, Bluetooth and USB controllers.

Both games are currently available at the Play Store where Demolition Inc. sells for $3.99 and Jett Tailfin costs $2.99. Remember that these games are only compatible with Tegra devices.

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via Android Central

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