BlueStacks allows you to run your Android apps on your PC

Want to run Android apps on your PC? There’s a windows app for that. BlueStacks App Player allows you to run Android applications on your Windows computer. They released the Alpha version of the windows software today, which can be downloaded at

The Bluestacks Apps Player comes preloaded with 10 applications, and allows you to install up to 26 of your favorite applications directly from your phone using the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app that’s currently available in the Android Market. To take advantage of app syncing between your Android phone and BlueStacks Apps Player on your PC, you will need a Facebook account, which is needed to create an account.


Remember, this is the alpha version of the applications, so things could go wrong. If you notice something, let the developers. Check out the video below and then head to to get started. You can download the Android application by visiting the Android Market or by scanning the QR code below.

Mobile viewing link

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Android Market Link

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