Best Buy expecting more HP Touchpad shipments

If you are still in the market for the HP Touchpad and haven’t had a chance to grab one while there were available, we have just learned that Best Buy stores all over the country are getting shipments of the bargain tablet. Best Buy employees aren’t even aware when the Touchpad shipments arrive and they’re instructed, as you know, to tell folks that they don’t have any in stock. The memo you see above instructs employees to print out a form which allows customers use to fill out their information in order to get contacted if any Touchpad tablets become available.

As you all know, a couple of Android-powered Touchpad tablets have popped up around the web and a system dump has already been made available to developers. We have also heard that only 150 out the thousands Touchpad sold ¬†were running on Android 2.2.1. It shouldn’t be too long until we will be able to run our favorite OS on the HP tablet.

HP is also supposed to replenish their stock sometimes next week which means that there are still Touchpads out there….


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