AT&T taking its “sweet time” to release the Samsung Galaxy S II (Attain)

There were many rumors floating around in the Android community about today being the release date of AT&T’s variant of the Galaxy S II. Unfortunately, many people who have called or headed to their local AT&T stores, looking for it, have been sent back home with some not so “reassuring” answers about a possible launch date. I am not going to hide that I have also been waiting for this phone since May and that AT&T is kind of letting all of us down, especially because Sprint has already released their own version of the SGS 2 on September 16.

They don’t have them and they do not know when they are getting them.

AT&T sign up page for the Galaxy S II went live back on September 1, which led me to think that Ma Bell would announce a date sometime around the second week of this month. I have been following a discussion on Reddit about this matter and I can tell you that people aren’t really happy about how AT&T is handling this release. Rumors are suggesting that an issue with the phone may be the reason why we’re aren’t hearing anything about it.

In the meanwhile, if you have any info about the release date of the SGS 2, do not hesitate to share it with us.

via Reddit

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