AT&T and Samsung holding an event on May 5; Infuse inbound?

As we all know, Samsung has announced the release of the Galaxy S II last week in their home country of Korea and then a release in Europe later in that week. So far we have not been able to confirm any release date for the Galaxy S II in the U.S. and nor for the Samsung Infuse 4G that is supposed to be released by AT&T. Apparently, AT&T and Samsung have been planning an event in New York for May 5. Invitations have sent out for the chosen ones to RSVP for the event. As of right now, all you can hear from tech blogs is going to be pure speculation because no one really knows what will be announced.

AT&T has been talking about the Samsung Infuse 4G for a while now but hasn’t announced when it will be released but we also found out from a Walmart product tag that we could see the 4.3-inch Samsung phone in May. If we go by Samsung’s announcements this last week, we should hear something about a potential release of the Samsung Galaxy S II in the near future.

via PockeNow