Another day, another Motorola Shamu (Nexus 6) possible picture


Today is another day in the whole Shamu aka Nexus 6 aka Nexus X rumor mill. The folks at Droid Life received another possible picture of the Motorola phone dubbed Shamu in their comment section. This handset is supposed to Google’s upcoming Nexus device along with the Nexus 9 tablet which is almost confirmed. Yesterday, we posted a picture of a gigantic Moto-X-like phone next to an LG G3.

Today’s picture, which could be not real, we can see the display of the Moto phone with model number ‘AOSP on Shamu,’ Android L as the Android version and a kernel version dated August 30, 2014.

Check out the 2 pictures above. The one on the right was posted by user ‘Shamushawow‘ and the one on the right is the same picture but enhanced. The Motorola logo is there. So there is no doubt about who made the phone. Also look at the picture comapring the Shamu with other phones like the iPhone 6 and LG G3.


All we can is speculate at this point. And it is not going to help anyone unless we hear something official from Google or Motorola.

via Android Police | Droid Life Comments

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