Angry HTC One X owners asking AT&T, HTC to unlock bootloader via petition

We all learned last week that the AT&T variant of the HTC One X came with a locked bootloader. We’re also sure that those of you who are into modding ¬†Android devices aren’t happy about it. Tyler Bell, a One X owner, has taken matters into his own handa and started a petition asking AT&T and HTC to “let him unlock the HTC One X bootloader.” He explains in his letter that HTC should keep their promise of unlocking bootloaders of all of their Android devices. Currently, the AT&T version of the handset is the only one that has a locked bootloader; the other variants aren’t suffering from the same restriction. Folks who purchased the phone during the weekend are threatening to take it back within the 30-day return window. If you want your voice to be heard, go to and sign the petition.

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