Android users in South Korea can now download games from the Android Market

If you’re an Android user in South Korea, you will now be able to download games from the Android Market. Previously, games were not allowed in the Android Market in South Korea due to a South Korean law that required all games to first be submitted to the country’s Game Rating Board. To prevent problems, Google disabled games from being sold in the Android Market in South Korea.

On July 6 of this year, the requirement for games to be approved by the Game Rating Board was dropped, leading the way for Android (and iOS) games to be sold to South Koreans. We’re not sure why Google waited over 4 months to make games available, but we’re sure that many South Koreans are very happy today.

To get things started, Google is urging all developers to make their games available in South Korea. So, if you’re a game developer on Android, you could start earning more revenues if you localize your game resources, app descriptions, and marketing assets to take advantage on gaming in South Korea. Once you’re all ready to start selling to South Koreans, you can log into your Android Market developer console to target your game for distribution in South Korea.

Sources: Android Developers Blog, Business Week