Android Market to beat Apple’s App Store by August 2011, mobile research firm claims

We reported last week about how the Android Market had more free apps than Apple’s App Store. This indicates that it is only logical that the Android Market will actually surpass the App Store. To back this statement, Research2guidance, a German mobile research company, claims that Android will crush Apple’s App store by August 2011.

Research2guidance forecasts the Android Market to get to 425,000 apps by August to beat the App Store in size. It also claims that over 28,000 new Android apps have been added in April 2011 while Apple’s App store added 11,000, less than half of offered in the Android Market.

The Android Market is clearly the most dynamic app market today with the highest growth rates in terms of app numbers, but this does not necessarily mean that the chance for an average developer to generate revenue on that platform has grown as well. On the contrary, the success of an app store is negatively correlated to the success of an average developer.

The incredible fast-paced growth of the Android Market could probably sound like a good thing in terms of size and revenue for Google but it doesn’t mean that an average app developer could financially benefit from it. Whenever you get a chance, please donate to your favorite developer to keep the Android community alive.

via TechCrunch
Source Research2guidance