Android Device Manager is now rolling out

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Do you guys remember Google announcing the Android Device Manager just a few days ago? It is now rolling out to everyone. I just checked my Galaxy S4 settings and it is there.

To those of you who have never heard of it. The Android Device Manager is safety feature embedded with your Android device which allows to locate your lost Android gadgets, wipe them or ring them. Apps like Cerberus or SeekDroid have offered this feature for a long time.

To clarify, the ADM is not an actual app that you can download from the Play Store. If you want to find out if your phone has it, you’d have to go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators. Mine shows boths and the Android Device Manager (picture above). Check the box next to it and then click Activate.

If you want to give it a try on your PC. Head here and log in to your Google account. You’ll see a map with a cube on the top left with your device or devices names. You can either ring the device or erase it (if factory reset is enabled). so far, the location service isn’t fully operational. You’ll have a hard time finding your gadgets. However, the ring option seems to work without issues. Are you guys going to use it?


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