Android 4.0 ICS update now rolling out to the GSM Motorola RAZR

Just a few days after Motorola and Verizon finally released the Android 4.0 ICS update to all Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR Maxx owners; it looks like Motorola has begun releasing the update on the GSM variant of RAZR. According to an AC tipster, the ICS update for the RAZR is starting to roll out in Asia. At the moment, there’s no official reports from Motorola that they’ve started the ICS rollout, so we’re not sure if this is only happening in Asia or if it’s also happening in other parts of the world.

If you’re a GSM RAZR owner, let us know if your device has received the ICS update by leaving a comment below.

via AC

  • i’ve received a system message in the early morning saying something about the rollout. but as i was kinda sleepy, i just pressed OK, and nothing happened.
    i’m pretty sure it was the upgrade thing, but now i can’t get the phone upgraded by the ABOUT menu.

  • dave

    Im on the GSM AsiaRetail.en in the US, System message last night said ICS would be pushed sometime this week

    • Nnn

      Same thing goes for Israel

      • Renato A Diaz

        I received the notification that ICS would be available soon later this week, but it didn’t say when, I hope soon

        • I’m in Brazil, but using an Asia Retail Razr..
          I’ve got my phone upgraded this morning… but didn’t feel too much difference between GB and ICS

  • Mikexbl

    Im in canada nd have the gsm version isnt it supposed to be a global rollout?? I havent gotten either the update or the msg…

  • hagi42o

    I m in east europe and nothing yet. Not even the message to inform me about the upgrade…hopefully soon

  • I’m in Brazil South America and nothing yet.

  • jc

    nothing in mexico yet