Analyst: Motorola Xoom sales could be as low as 25,000 units

If the news coming from Global Equities analyst Trip Chowdry is true, then I, too, will have to accept the fact that the Motorola Xoom did not sell as well as it could have. If you remember, back in March, analysts predicted that Motorola had only sold 100,000 Xooms, a figure much lower than Apple’s iPad 2.

Today, Trip Chowdry believes that that number could be as low as 25,000. That is the worst case scenario by Mr. Chowdry. At best, he predicts that Motorola sold over 120,000, which is still a low figure.

There’s no way for Trip to know how many Xooms Motorola has sold. This is the same guy who said that the Honeycomb had no chance of mass adoption because it was made for geeks by geeks, because it crashed, and because the battery life on the Xoom lasted 10-12 hours on standby. I simply think he’s a hater.

What exactly is the true number? Nobody knows at this moment. We’re hoping to possibly find out this Thursday during Motorola’s 2011 Q1 earnings conference call. If the Xoom does end up being a failure, it won’t be because it’s a bad device, because it really isn’t. It will simply be because of the way priced and marketed.

We’ll post more information this Thursday after Motorola’s conference call. Stay tuned.

Source: AllThingsD, via Phandroid

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