Amazon now offers unlimited music storage with purchase of $20 Cloud Drive plan

Amazon Cloud player just got a little bit more interesting thanks to some news that Amazon announced last night. You can now store unlimited music on your Cloud Drive as long as you purchase a $20 storage plan.

The storage plans ranged from free for 5GB of data to $1,000 per year for 1TB of data. If you have a collection greater than 20GB, paying the $20 a year for the extra space will give you unlimited music storage and 20GB of storage for other things such as pictures, documents, and whatever other digital file you’d like to store in the cloud.

On top of things, if you’re one of the early adopters who paid for extra data when the service was announced, Amazon will refund the difference between what you paid and the $20 storage plan. For those of you who got the free 20GB storage plan upgrade with the purchase of an album for $0.69, you will get unlimited music storage, too; there is no need to repurchase anything.

Amazon Cloud Drive allows you store your digital files on Amazon’s secure servers for access anytime, anywhere. Amazon Cloud Player allows you to listen to your MP3 collection that you upload to your Cloud Drive.

I’m a big fan of Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. I use the Android app a lot to stream my music, and I’ve also found myself buying songs directly from the Amazon MP3 app. The songs that I buy are instantly available in my Cloud Drive for instant streaming and downloading. It is really a nice service, and with 5GB of free storage (which is enough for most people) and unlimited music storage for only $20, it’s a good deal.

Via Amazon