Amazon launches Android Appstore and gives away Angry Birds Rio free

A lawsuit from Apple didn’t stop Amazon from launching their Android app store. Earlier today, Amazon went ahead and launched its own Android version of the Android Market called the Amazon Appstore.

In order to entice users to download and use the new Amazon Appstore, they will be offering one free paid app per day for a number of days. On day one, early adopters of the Amazon Appstore will get a free copy of Angry Birds Rio.

Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, decided to launch Angry Birds Rio exclusively on the Amazon Appstore. After day one, this app will cost you $.99. So if you’re an Angry Birds addict, you should definitely sign up for the Amazon Appstore and download your free copy.

The Amazon Appstore launched with a total of about 3,800 applications for you to download and enjoy. You can buy apps from the Amazon Appstore directly from their Android application (which you can sideload), or directly from Amazon’s site. If you choose to shop through the web interface, you can even try out apps before you buy, which is a great thing.

To access the Appstore from your computer, visit from your favorite web browser. If you’d like to browse directly from your Android device, you can download the Appstore app here.

via All Things Digital, Engadget

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