Accessories for new HTC One series of phones go up for pre-order in the UK

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, HTC announced three one smartphones part of their new One series: the HTC One X, HTC One S, and HTC One V. The three phones will have a number of accessories available for them when they launch, and UK retailer Clove has put those accessories up for pre-order. Unlike Samsung and the accessories for their Galaxy Nexus, it looks like HTC will be launching all of these neat accessories at the same time the phone launches.

The accessories include a number of universal items that will work with all three phones, such as the Media Link adapter, car stereo clip. and Bluetooth Visor Speaker phone.

Each individual phone will then have its own car cradle and charger, desktop dock and charger, cases, and more.

There’s simply too many accessories to list, so to check out the entire line up, head over to Clove’s site today.

Source: Clove UK | via AC

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