32GB Nexus 7 tablet could be available soon, according to Carphone Warehouse internal system

When people complain about the Google Nexus 7 tablet manufactured by Asus, the number one thing that they seem to complain about is storage size. As of today, the Nexus 7 is only available in two sizes with no support for additional storage. Your choices are either 8GB or 16 GB.

If the information in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory system is correct, Google and Asus could be planning on releasing a version of the Nexus 7 with 32GB of internal storage.

In the above screen shot, you can clearly see that a 32GB Asus Nexus 7-inch tablet is available in their inventory system. Unfortunately, there’s no information on pricing or release date. If Google does decide to release this version of the Nexus 7, it will solve a lot of storage issues people have been experiencing with the device.

What you also see in that image is a reference for a “Samsung Nexus 2”. Before you get all excited about the Nexus 2 reference, you should probably know that it has nothing to do with an upcoming Nexus device. The person who submitted the tip had this to say about the Nexus 2 product in their system:

Hey guys, KCR here, I sent this screenshot to Droid-Life.

The “Nexus 2” invisishield is our product code for the Nexus S screen protector. My guess is that it was listed on the system before the “Nexus S” name was known, when it was known that Samsung were making the sequel to the Nexus One.

I perhaps should have said that in the original submission. Apologies!

Source: Droid Life

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