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DashClock returns with Material Design update

Screenshot_2015-04-19-10-26-31 Screenshot_2015-04-19-10-21-37 Screenshot_2015-04-19-10-21-22

Roman Nurik, a design advocate at Google, launched DashClock Widget a couple of years ago. He hasn’t updated it since December of 2013. The cool thing about this widget is that it not only let you keep an eye on your emails, weather or time but it also allows you to add custom extensions for specific apps like Facebook, Twitter, flashlight and more.

We’re happy to report that Mr. Nurik has released a new version of DashClock, with Material Design in mind, dubbed 1.7 and is currently in beta. Once you add the widget to your homescreen, you can resize it or change the padding. If you have used it before, you will feel right at home. Popular apps like PushBullet are already supported in DashClock. So far only the Settings menu has been update dot Material Design.

In order to get DashClock 1.7, you need to be a part of the beta community. It is easy to join. Go this Google+ page, click on “become a tester for DashClock” and follow the instructions.

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Twitter Android app will track your installed apps for more ad revenue

Twitter for Android

Twitter, Oh Twitter. The giant social media outlet is planning to “help you build a more personal Twitter experience” in an upcoming update for the Android app. They will so do so thanks to what they call the “App Graph.” This will allow them to track your downloaded apps to learn about your interests. Don’t get alarmed though because they will not access personal information.

Twitter says that they want to “build a more tailored experience” on their network. These are some examples of what they’ll be doing:

  • Improved “who to follow” suggestions that share similar interests.
  • Adding Tweets, accounts, or other content to your timeline that we think you’ll find especially interesting.
  • Showing you more relevant promoted content.

You get it. Twitter depends on advertising, specially targeted advertising. Knowing what apps you use, will help them adjust their criteria when targeting their users.

Thankfully, you can opt-out of participating in this ‘experiment.” All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Tap the overflow icon
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the account you’d like to adjust.
  4. Under Other, you can adjust the setting to Tailor Twitter based on my apps.

via Recode


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[Black Friday] Swiftkey offers up to 66% Off all theme packs, including the Material Design One


My go-to third party Android keyboard Swiftkey is now running an awesome sale on its theme packs just in time for Black Friday. The promotions has already begun (12PM EST) and we’re looking at up to 66% off all the packs. The price of a theme pack usually sells for $2.99 and has 5 to 10 different themes. Today, they’re $0.99.

My favorite pack of course is the Material-Design-inspired theme. I like the clean look and the colors. The other 5 packs are the Premier Pack (10 themes), Pink Pack, Minimal Pack, Hot Punch, Cool Punch, and Accent Pack.

Sadly, this is sale is only valid for U.S. folks. If you’re outside the U.S., the theme packs are discounted by 50% which is still a good deal. To access the sale, you need to open the Swiftkey app, click on ‘Themes,’ and head to the Swifkey Store.

via Swiftkey | Play Store

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[APK] Enable Double Tap to wake on your Nexus 6 with this app (root required)


Since the release of the Nexus 6, everyone has been wondering why would Google deactivate the double tap to wake feature – a feature that the Nexus 9 has.They instead opted for the ambient display.mode which is great and all but not as cool as double tap. Thankfully, XDA member ‘naxir‘ made an app that lets you do that and shared it with the Android community.

In order to make it work, you need to root your Nexus 6 and have an unlocked bootloader. Once you do that, all you have to do is install this APK and that’s it. Keep in mind that the Nexus 6 Doubletap unlock app is still in early stages meaning that you will find bugs. Folks are reporting that they need to re-enable the app after a reboot and that it doesn’t work well with the proximity sensor (phone could wake up in your pocket). Rest assured, ‘Naxir’ says that he’s already working on a fix today.

We’ll keep you updated once he releases an updated version of his app.



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Motorola Camera and Gallery apps receive updates with Material Design flair

motorola-camera-1 motorola-camera-2
Motorola is a busy company right now. They’re releasing phones all over the place and that didn’t keep them from updating their Camera and Gallery apps. Although these are what we consider major updates, they bring a more refined look to both apps with material design in mind.

The Motorola Camera updated app brings “convenient timer,” “twist to switch to front camera” (only on Moto X, Droid Ultra and Droid Turbo) and of course Material design. Overall, it looks more refined and colorful.

motorola-gallery-1 motorola-gallery-2 motorola-gallery-3
The Motorola Gallery update adds a nice green color, responsive design and performance improvements. Now if only, Moto thinks about updating the app’s icon. Hit the link below to grab the new updates.

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’Motorola Camera’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

[pb-app-box pname=’com.motorola.MotGallery2′ name=’Motorola Gallery’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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MX Player receives new update, adds Android Lollipop support and more


One of our favorite players, MX Player, has received a new update today. MX player is an app that allow you play videos that are not normally supported by your phone’s default player. It does that thanks to popular codecs and formats like mp4, 3gp, avi, divx and others. It lets you zoom your videos, set the screen rotation and even adds subtitles to your movies.

The new update changelog is:

  • Supports Android 5.0
  • Added View menu on the media list screen for the selection of view mode, sorting order, display fields.
  • Supports MOD audio files including .mod, .s3m, .xm, .it, and more.
  • Added “Scroll to last played media” option under Settings > List.
  • Added “Toggle playback with play button” under Settings > Player.
  • Audio track can be disabled through the audio track selection box.

If you have an Android 5.0 powered device, you should be able to use the MX Player without any issues. It is worth noting that it still lacks Chromecast support but should work with apps like AllCast, Avia and BubbleUPnP. Hit the widget below and grab the MX player update.

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’MX Player’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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Tap The Dinosaur is an addicting game, hidden within the Chrome Beta app


Google is bringing us another cool Easter egg which we call Tap the Dinosaur. This time around it is embedded within the Chrome beta Android and desktop apps. While you may have already heard about it in the past couple of months, we’re sure that some have not. This game is Google’s way to keep you entertained when your phone has no internet connection.

The dinosaur used in this game is a Tyrannosaurus which runs infinitely in a desert. Upon getting to 100 points, you’ll hear a loud sound. Make sure you don’t get caught while playing at work.

To access the game:

  • Turn the Airplane Mode on
  • Open a tab in Chrome Beta
  • In the search bar, type in ‘Tap The Dinosaur”

My highest score is 226 so far. I think I can go over that in a heartbeat and will post my latest scores soon. Let us know what is your highest score is on Tap the Dinosaur.

This game is addictive. You have been warned!

via Reddit

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Amazon Game Studios releases Tales From Deep Space game


Amazon game Studios announced today the release of a game called Tales From Deep Space. Yes, Amazon has a game developing team too. They make their own movies, shows, apps and some other things just to make sure they remain present in your living rooms and devices.

Tales From Deep Space is a platform game that looks really cool an fun. You play as E (salesman) and CASI (luggage) who are stuck on ‘Big Moon’ which is a space station with a bunch of weird things like chickens in spacesuits, ‘outlandish denizens’ and other funny looking characters.

To unravel the nefarious plot, E and CASI must work together to utilize each character’s unique traits that, when combined, help solve all of Big Moon’s puzzles and objectives.

There is one kicker though. This game is available exclusively on Fire tablets. The multiplayer mode can only be accessed if you have a Kindle Fire HDX tablet (2014). To get you started, Amazon offers free access to a digital comic over at ComiXology. When we asked Amazon about when other Android devices will be able to play this game, they replied: “we are focused on this Fire tablet release right now.”

tales-from-deep-space-2 tales-from-deep-space-1 tales-from-deep-space-3

Download: Tales From Deep Space ($6.99)

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Amazon Free App Of The Day: Monument Valley

monument-valley-1 monument-valley-3 monument-valley-2

Although I am not a big fun of puzzles, I have a bunch of cool things about the Monument Valley – from my son. The app usually sells for $4 and you can grab it for free today only from the Amazon Appstore. A quick reminder to those of you who haven’t used the Appstore in a while, it has been embedded with the main Amazon app. All you have to do is search for the game like any other products and download it.

In the game, you play as princess Ida who explores Monument Valley. To help her do that, you need to manipulate a bunch of things, discover hidden paths and more. You will definitely appreciate the beautiful design and the work put in to to make this game.

Monument Valley is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, unfolding optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People.

This game is an easy recommendation from us. Especially that you can get it for free. Head on the Appstore and at least give it a try.

Amazon Appstore

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Nokia’s Z Launcher leaves beta, now available in the Play Store


Nokia introduced the Z Launcher back in June and it has been testing until today. It is now available in the Play Store for everyone to download. This version comes packed with bug fixes, improvements and other things.

We’ve had a chance to use it. It isn’t your typical launcher. One of its most interesting features is the ability to scribble on the screen. Let’s say you’re looking for the work ‘Nokia.’ You can scribble it first letter which is ‘N’ and a shortcut will appear. Here is the full changelog:

  • Faster – We looked at every possible area where we could make small speed improvements from optimizing on specific handsets to obscure things like “finger tracking latency”.
  • Better Prediction – Without getting too technical…we found ways to bring more context into our algorithm and to hone the algorithm data to just keep the important elements that give users the best results.
  • Refined Scribble – We improved the recognition and response time, (its faster!)
  • We now run on rooted devices! – This was the #1 most requested feature in our forum.

If you have an Android device running Android 4.1 or higher, head to the Play Store and check out the Z Launcher.

via Play Store
Source: Nokia

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The new Google Messenger is now available in the Play Store


Google finally released its new Messenger app in the Play Store. They want you to substitute your phone’s messaging app with this nice looking app and you may like it. I have been using it for a while and I really got used to it over the Samsung messaging app. One my favorite features is when you want to attach a photo to a message. You don’t have to jump to the Gallery app, it simply appears on the bottom of your message.

The Messenger app allows you to block unwanted numbers, quickly look up a contact and more. It also supports group texting, emoji and message archiving. Here are the official features:

Faster sharing: Select or take pictures and videos directly from the app and share easily. You can even send audio messages to your contacts.
Easy search: Search through contacts and conversation threads to find exactly what you are looking for.
Purposeful design: New, fluid, material design that is intuitive and delightful.
More control: Ability to block SMS senders. No interruptions when you don’t want them!
More features: audio messages, emoji support

Hit the link below to download.

Play Store

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Disney Movies Anywhere app gets you a free Disney Movie

Screenshot_2014-11-05-10-49-20[1] Screenshot_2014-11-05-10-49-37[1] Screenshot_2014-11-05-10-48-05[1]

Disney launched a new app called Disney Movies Anywhere. You can now watch all of your Disney, Pixar movies right on your phone, and even stream them using Chromecast. To make things sweeter, they’re giving away a free movie when link up your Google account to your Disney account. The movie in question is ‘Wreck It Ralph’.

Disney did a similar deal back in February where they offered the movie “the Incredibles” (see screenshot above). Upon installing the app, you get to check out the vast bouquet of movies from Disney, Pixar. Marvel, and get to watch them on-the-go. Here are the main features:

  • Watch your Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies anywhere you go, across all your devices!
  • Build your digital movie collection with a library of hundreds of movies to choose from.
  • Access exclusive Disney content for free, including original programming, never-before-seen videos, and much more.
  • Watch movies while connected or download movies to your device for offline viewing.
  • Earn Disney Movie Rewards points for every digital transaction.

To link your Google account, simply click on the settings button (top right), click on ‘Connect Accounts’ and then select Google Play. Once you do that, click on ‘My collection’ where you will find the free movie.

Freebie: If you own a Roku device, your can get the movie ‘X-Men (2000)’ for free as well by simply installing the Google Play channel.

Google Play Link

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Amazon Prime members get free unlimited photo storage


Amazon is always finding ways to keep their Prime members happy. They’re now allowing them to store as many pictures as they can on their cloud servers. This is good for folks who use Android, Windows, iOS and of course Amazon Fire devices.

If you’re been wanting to justify the recent increase in pricing of Amazon’s Prime membership ($99), uploading an unlimited amount of photos and videos can help you do that. This new feature is called Prime Photos and can be accessed by installing the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app. Not only you view your photos on your phone but you can also check them out on the big screen using Fire TV, select smart TVs and games consoles.

Prime Photos gives you the choice to automatically upload your pictures and videos to the cloud. Amazon also says that you can save pictures in their original resolution. Using this app on my phone was seamless and easy. On my PC, moving files can be done by dragging them directly to the app. Hit up the download link below to grab the app.


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[APK] Google Calendar 5.0 is up for grabs

Google-Calendar-5.0-1 Screenshot_2014-11-04-21-41-09 Screenshot_2014-11-04-21-41-14
If you’re already enjoying Gmail 5.0 and want to get more Lollipop goodness, you need to check out the new Calendar 5.0 app with Material Design goodness all over it. I looks really nice guys – don’t bother looking for it in the Play Store because it is not there.

Google has definitely outdone themselves with the new Calendar app. It is smarter, faster than before. One of my favorite features is when you fill in your calendar. For example, you want to remind yourself to make a reservation at your favorite Italian restaurant. As soon as you type in the word ‘reservation’, the app suggests the word ‘at’ and then a nearby restaurant. If you have an email about your flight reservation, it automatically shows up in the Google Calendar.


Another feature that is worth noting is the way you view the calendar.You can set it to see your schedule, day and 5 days. The 7 day option can only be seen when the phone is landscape mode and on tablets – the 30-day view is only available in tablets. In addition, you will also see pictures and snippets of maps correspondent to whatever event you have scheduled.

If you want to give ht en Calendar 5.0 a try, hit the download link below and install the APK.


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[ICYMI] The new Gmail 5.0 is available, we have the APK


A few days back, a not-that-really stable version of the new Gmail 5.0 have been floating around the web. Although, it worked just fine, it was not the final, user-ready version that Google wanted us to have. As of yesterday, they made the 5.0 version official and pushed it to Play Store.

Along with using Material Design, the Gmail app is now smoother, faster and has been improved. One of my favorite new features is the ability to add Yahoo, AOL, Outlook and other known email clients to Gmail. You basically have a one-stop-shop for all of your emailing needs. Gmail 5.0 will support devices running on Android 4.0 and up. If you need the APK, hit the download link below the video.


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[App] Material Wallpapers gives you a taste of Material Design on your phone

material-wallpaper-3  material-wallpaper-1 material-wallpapers

It is typically the norm that wallpapers are one the first things that get leaked prior to the launch of a new Android version.  As you may already know, Android 5.0 Lollipop was built using Material Design elements.  If you have been longing to get some that goodness on your phone, the Material Wallpapers app can help.

The person behind the app, HarshSinghvi, put together 30 high-res wallpapers which include the 11 official ones from Google and some that he built with Material Design in mind. You really need to try them to appreciate the work he put in. The Material Wallpapers app is free and available in the Play Store. Give it a try!

Play Store

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Nokia’s HERE maps available for most Android devices


Following their exclusive launch of the HERE maps on Samsung devices, Nokia announced today that it works on Android devices running Android 4.1 or higher, with at least 1GB of RAM. Keep in mind that the app is still in beta, meaning that you will encounter bugs such as downloading navigation voices.


One of the most notable features of the HERE maps app is the ‘Offline Navigation’ mode. It allows you to download maps, use turn-by-turn navigation without the need of internet connection – there are maps for ‘nearly 100 countries.’ Public transportation and live traffic are also available with this app.

Interested in giving it a try? Head to the Here maps blog and install the APK file. Should you encounter any bugs, Nokia encourages you to report them.

Download HERE beta (Android)

via Nokia

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UP by Jawbone for Android tracks your activity without a wrtistband, works on Wear


One of the top reasons folks get smartwatches is to track their activity including fitness, sleep and heart rate. During Google I/O, Google announced Google Fit, their own spin on tracking all health things. However it has not released it yet. Well, not until November 3 which is the presumed release date of Android Lollipop. Until then, meet UP by Jawbone.

Fortunately, Jawbone, the maker of the popular fitness wristbands, released UP. This app has been designed to work with select Android phones (works on my OnePlus One) and Android Wear. I was able to get it to work with my Moto 360. Those of you who are familiar with Jawbone will feel right at home. If you however never used it, this app allows you to track you steps, set weight goals, log your food and drink, track nutritional info, log workouts, log sleep and more.

UP by Jawbone is available in the Play Store for free. Hit the link below if you want to give it a try.

Play Store

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Androidify app receives update, brings GIFs, improved UI and Nexus 6

Lord Duarte

I am going to admit that I have not used the Androidify app since I made the gravatar in my author’s profile. With the announcement of Android Lollipop, Google updated the app with some cool new features. The user interface has been improved and now support GIFs and translations to English, Korean, French and German.

Perhaps the coolest of all is the Nexus 6 accessory which you can make your Bugdroid hold. The characters now do all kinds of moves like crying, sending kisses, dancing, eating popcorn, being goofy and more. Here is what’s new:

  • Pick a move and watch your Android character laugh, dance, cheer, rock out, or all sorts of other moves.
  • Share your characters as emoticons & GIFs.
  • Share your characters on and they could get picked to be in an Android TV commercial or YouTube video.
  • Lots of new clothes & accessories to choose from.
  • A new and improved UI.
  • Translated into English, Japanese, Korean, French and German.

Want to give it a try? Click on the Play Store link below and share your creations with us.

Play Store

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Nova Launcher Beta update brings Scroll Effect previews, memory usage reduction


There is no doubt that Nova Launcher is one the best homescreen replacements around. It’s creator, Kevin Barry, announced via Google+ that the beta version of the launcher has been updated to version 3.1.1. The update itself is not available in the Play store. In order to get it, you have to be a member of the Nova Launcher Beta community and opt it to install it – or go to to install the apk directly using your phone.

The update brings a cool scroll effect preview feature which allows you to see the type of transition you get before selecting it. Here is the full of the changelog:

  • Scroll Effect previews in settings
  • Reduce memory usage
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
  • Improve debug logging and crash reporting
  • Fix incorrect appwidget size reporting
  • Fix incorrect Today icon after Today apk updates

You can download the new update directly from Tesla’s website or going through the community. Hit the links below.

Download: Tesla Coil | Become a tester