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[Press Release] LG unveils the LG V30, their best smartphones yet

It is that time of the year in Berlin, Germany. LG announced the launch of the LG V30, a follow up of the popular V20. Let me just say that I am a big fan of ...

[Press Release] Samsung unveils the Gear Sport, Gear Fit 2 and Gear Icon X at IFA Berlin

BERLIN – August 30, 2017 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduced three new devices to its industry leading wearable portfolio: Gear Sport, a sleek and ...

[Opinion] Just pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Already

I am sure you already read numerous articles about the newly announced Galaxy Note 8, and you probably already made up your mind about it or maybe no. As you ...

[Press Release] Sling TV brings first-ever Pay-Per-View event to it subscribers

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This weekend, Sling TV will offer its first-ever pay-per-view event through the live stream of UFC ® 214: CORMIER vs. JONES ...

Last-minute Father’s Day gifts picks

If you're like me and always wait until the last minute to buy a gift whether it is around Christmas time, Mother's Day or this coming Father's Day, I got you. ...

[Press Release] LG & AT&T unveil the LG X Venture with IP68 rating and lots of resilience

AT&T announced today that they will exclusively launch the LG X Venture. This phone was designed for people who are looking for a rugged device that can ...

Android TV to get updated with new user interface, Google Assistant support

Google announced that a new version of Android TV will launch later this year in conjunction with the release of Android O. This is good news if you're an avid ...

Google Daydream platform to receive major update, will add casting and video capture

There is no doubt that Google has been pushing its VR product division called Daydream. Along with Tango, there are one of most talked about technologies here ...

[Hands On] A quick look at the HTC U11

The HTC U11 is HTC newest flagship Android phone for this year. On paper, it looks and sounds pretty good. Will it be able to compete with the Galaxy S8 or ...

Pioneer unveils its new line of NEX in-dash receivers with Android Auto

Pioneer announced today the release of 3 new models of its NEX Android-Auto-powered receivers. There are the AVH-3300NEX, AVH-2330NEX and AVH-2300NEX. Not ...

Google Photos users number grows to 500 million

Google Photos is my go-to photos app and 500 millions users around the globe. Google announced today some new features with the Photos app which is less than 2 ...

Picture-In-Picture is a new feature coming with Android O

Although already present in some way in other devices like Samsung, picture-in-picture is the newest feature coming with Android O. As its name states, it ...

Goodbye Google Goggles, say Hi to Google Lens

Fans of the almost dead Google Goggles, rejoice! During the IO event, Google announced the release of Google Lens. This is major news folks. The new app is ...

Google introduces hands free calling to Google Home

I am a big fan of Google Home, it knows me so well. Sometimes too well. I use it every morning to check the weather, my calendar and news. The only it was ...

You can now register for Google’s Android O Beta

Google usually opens the doors for testers to its newest Android versions every year during the IO conference. This year is no exception. If you're a developer ...

Google adds “Smart Reply” to its 1 Billion Gmail user database

Have you ever seen those little preloaded replies on Allo and Inbox? Well, Gmail now has it too. Google announced this new feature at the IO conference in ...

Google renames Android Device Manager app to “Find My Device,” update now available

You might want to check out your Device Manager app. It received a new update changing its name to "Find My Device" and also updating its UI. In case, you have ...

[Video] This is where you can watch Google IO 2017 Live Video

Are you scrambling around trying to find a live stream of Google IO 2017. Don't worry, we got you. Google has set up a page just for that. We don't want ...

[Press Release] HTC unveils the HTC U 11 the squeezable phone, launches in June

HTC unveiled earlier today their newest flagship phone, the HTC U 11. Unlike its predecessor, this device packs the latest SoC from Qualcomm and has a new UI ...

Unlocked Model of the LG G6 now on sale in the US

Not fan of carrier branding? LG announced today that the unlocked LG G6 under model number US997 is now available at retailers like Amazon, B&H as well as ...

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  1. Mine was sluggish as well. I had to reboot the Revue.

  2. I would go to their Twitter page and bug them….

  3. They’re saying that it would be released on September 8 but it it isn’t confirmed yet.

  4. If only the guy in the video wanted or knew how to dump the ROM to some developer, we will be set.

  5. Congratulations..I got lucky on Sunday at my local Staples. Can’t wait for Android as well! ~Zack

  6. Good eye. We’ll definitely know comes August 29 for sure. We’re going to be in NYC and reporting from there.

  7. Thanks..I haven’t seen it honestly. You could have tipped us though 🙂

  8. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  9. You may get yours next week.

  10. Google+ invite coming your way 🙂

  11. Once I get it lol I am still waiting for the invite 🙁

  12. Thanks. I think that I used an outdated source 🙂 i fixed it! It looks like you are very familiar with Whitepages.

  13. Hi John,

    I should have put “old” instead of “new.” I really appreciate you catching that error.

    Thank you very much


  14. Did you try uninstall it and re-installing it? Did you install the app straight from the phone?

  15. I based it on the fact that Droid 2 was released August last year…That’s all.

  16. It doesn’t actually surprise me at all that AT&T actually requested it as they did for the HSUPA. It is really sad that they, ass consumers, we pay a lot of money for cellphone plans and also on the devices but we still get crappy/shady service.

  17. it does have it…

  18. Wow gajetman, Best speeds I have ever seen on AT&T! do you guys have the enhanced backhaul?

  19. What I would do is to reboot your phone at first and then see what happens. People have reporting having issues with their banking apps as well.

  20. @Mark How are your speeds now?

  21. Let us know Isaac! Thanks

  22. Try again! They just got released.

  23. they probably caught up to it because they were people who successfully updated

  24. Thanks for the heads-up! They are probably working on it

  25. @Matt,
    BGR was able to confirm that this update will enable HSUPA by one their AT&T contacts!

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