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[CES 2018] Ring unveils a brand new home security ecosystem with stick up cameras and smart lights

Ring doesn't need any introduction folks. They basically rule the doorbell with camera world. Today they announced the launch of their brand new home alarm ...

[CES 2018] The new DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is here and it’s only $129

DJI announced here at CES their newest gimbal, the Osmo Mobile 2. What is taking everybody by surprise is the fact that it costs half of the price of its ...

[CES 2018] Honor View10, Red Honor 7X annouced (re)

Honor kinda re-announced their newest devices the View10 and the Honor 7X here at CES. Well, they did reveal a new red colored 7X due for release in time for ...

[CES 2018] Jabra bets on voice and music quality in its newest Elite headphone brand

Jabra, one of the most recognizable names in the headphones industry, announced today the release of a new set of headphones within the Elite franchise. The ...

HTC Black Friday Deals are now available

Looking to grab an HTC phone this holiday season? Good news, HTC just launched their Black Friday sale today. On top of discounts, you will be able to score ...

HTC’s best 2017 phone, the HTC U11+, isn’t coming to the US

Along with the announcement of the HTC U11 Life, HTC also unveiled the U11+. You guessed it right. It is a refresh of the the OG HTC U11 and it is dope and ...

[Press Release] HTC unveils the HTC U11 Life, available November 3 for $349

HTC unveiled today the release of the HTC U11 Life, a mid-level version of their flagship the U11. Aesthetically speaking, it looks a lot like its older ...

The ultimate gamer’s phone, the Razer Phone, is coming with a 120Hz refresh rate, 4,000 mAh battery, Android

Razer, the famous gaming PC maker, announced the release of their first ever phone, the Razer phone. This comes after they purchased Nexbit a few months back. ...

I love you Google but you totally messed up the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL launch

Dear Google, I am an Android fan and I use everything Google. And you bet your behind I pre-ordered/bought every Nexus/Pixel since day one. You have let me ...

PSA: Samsung customer service sucks

Hey guys. I want to share my recent experience with Samsung's customer service. I pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8 as many of you did, and received it on ...

Last minute Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL event roundup and where to watch it

Today is the day! Google is set to make a major announcement. If you're an Android fan like us, this is almost a good as Christmas. We expect Google to ...

Best Buy Canada flyer shows Google Pixel 2 promo with free Google Home Mini

As you may know already, Google is set to announce the release of its newest Pixel phones tomorrow along with a small version of Google Home. Thanks to ...

PSA: NFL RedZone is free this weekend for Sling TV Blue subscribers

Sling TV will offering the NFL RedZone channel for free this weekend for their Blue subscribers. The channel usually runs $10 a month and if you're into ...

Google Store begins trade-in program for Pixel phones, values are not that good

With the upcoming Pixel 2 unveiling on 10/04, Google began a trade-in program on its store for folks who are looking to grab any of their phones. While this ...

[Press Release] Nvidia announces a not-so-new 16GB Shield TV, starts at $179

Nvidia announced today the release of the new version of the Shield TV with a price tag starting at $179. In case, you never heard of it. The Shield TV is an ...

[Press Release] Google and Bose unveil the QC35 II headphones, optimized for the Google Assistant

Google and Bose announced today the release of the QC35 II noise-canceling headphones with Google Assistant support. This isn't the first time we hear about ...

[Press Release] HTC, Google agree to a $1.1 Billion Cooperation Agreement

It has been a rumor. Now it is real! HTC and Google announced this evening a $1.1 Billion cooperation agreement. This gives Google a non-exclusive use of HTC ...

Get Ready! Google Pixel 2 will be announced October 4

Well well well. Google is not wasting anytime folks. Today they announced that October 4 is the date they'll reveal the Pixel 2. A billboard has already been ...

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the most pre-ordered Note yet

Samsung announced today that the Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders areΒ their best yet on the Note product line in the US. Unfortunately, the South Korean company did ...

Nest announces the Thermostat E, now available for a mere $169

Nest announced yesterday the release of their newest thermostat, the Thermostat E. Unlike its predecessors, it is more affordable costing a mere $169. The ...

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  1. Mine was sluggish as well. I had to reboot the Revue.

  2. I would go to their Twitter page and bug them….

  3. They’re saying that it would be released on September 8 but it it isn’t confirmed yet.

  4. If only the guy in the video wanted or knew how to dump the ROM to some developer, we will be set.

  5. Congratulations..I got lucky on Sunday at my local Staples. Can’t wait for Android as well! ~Zack

  6. Good eye. We’ll definitely know comes August 29 for sure. We’re going to be in NYC and reporting from there.

  7. Thanks..I haven’t seen it honestly. You could have tipped us though πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚

  9. You may get yours next week.

  10. Google+ invite coming your way πŸ™‚

  11. Once I get it lol I am still waiting for the invite πŸ™

  12. Thanks. I think that I used an outdated source πŸ™‚ i fixed it! It looks like you are very familiar with Whitepages.

  13. Hi John,

    I should have put “old” instead of “new.” I really appreciate you catching that error.

    Thank you very much


  14. Did you try uninstall it and re-installing it? Did you install the app straight from the phone?

  15. I based it on the fact that Droid 2 was released August last year…That’s all.

  16. It doesn’t actually surprise me at all that AT&T actually requested it as they did for the HSUPA. It is really sad that they, ass consumers, we pay a lot of money for cellphone plans and also on the devices but we still get crappy/shady service.

  17. it does have it…

  18. Wow gajetman, Best speeds I have ever seen on AT&T! do you guys have the enhanced backhaul?

  19. What I would do is to reboot your phone at first and then see what happens. People have reporting having issues with their banking apps as well.

  20. @Mark How are your speeds now?

  21. Let us know Isaac! Thanks

  22. Try again! They just got released.

  23. they probably caught up to it because they were people who successfully updated

  24. Thanks for the heads-up! They are probably working on it

  25. @Matt,
    BGR was able to confirm that this update will enable HSUPA by one their AT&T contacts!

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