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Reserve Your Wi-Fi HTC Flyer At Best Buy Starting April 24

Best buy has released a statement on their news site about April 24 being the date when you can pre-order your Wi-Fi HTC Flyer tablet. We want to ...

Motorola DROID Pro Update 3.8.7 Is Available

Verizon has just announced the release of a new software update for the Motorola Drodi Pro, bringing its current Blur version to 3.8.7.XT610.Verizon.en.US. ...

AT&T Asking For FCC’s Blessing On Merger With T-Mobile

Today, AT&T filed papers to the FCC, aka the Federal Communications Commission, about its merger with T-Mobile which was announced in March 20th which had ...

Deal: HTC Thunderbolt 4G $129.99 At Amazon

I gotta tell ya, I am really in love with Verizon's 4G speeds in my area in Pennsylvania. I have been able to get around 30Mbps on download speeds and ...

Verizon Oficially Announces The DROID Charge For April 28th; Scavenger Hunt Is On

As we already reported from leaked Verizon documents, The Droid Charge has just been made official by Verizon. They set April 28th as it release date for ...

Updated: T-Mobile G2x On Sale For $149.99 At Wirefly And Amazon

Well Well well, Wirefly is at it again! If you are looking for bargain on The T-Mobile G2x, today is your lucky day. You can get the G2x for $149.99 with a ...

Wirefly Will Start Taking HTC Incredible 2 Pre-Orders On April 21st AT 3AM EDT

I actually did not expect this from Wirefly! While Verizon is keeping their customers in the dark about their new releases. Wirefly, an authorized Online ...

Is Motorola Prepping An Update For The Atrix 4G? Testers Wanted!

Some Motorola Atrix 4G users have reported to us that Motorola has reached out to them to ask if they will be interested in a future pre-release ...

Virgin Mobile To Get A Motorola Android Device

Virgin Mobile USA is preparing to welcome their third Android handset along with the Samsung Intercept and the LG Optimus V. This time the Android phone ...

Toshiba Regza AT300 Tablet, Coming Soon

Toshiba has just announced the date of the release of their Honeycomb tablet, the Regza AT300, in Japan on June later on this year. We should see this tablet ...

AT&T’s Q1 Earnings Are Up, Thanks To Its Smartphone Subscribers

On April 20, AT&T just announced their earning for the first quarter of 2011. As you may probably know, iPhone sales are still strong despite the loss of ...

T-Mobile G2x, G-Slate and Sidekick 4G Sale Goes Live At T-Mobile Online and In-Stores

Right after we got done reporting about Amazon who already started selling the G-Slate and and the G2x. Now T-Mobile order pages for the T-Mobile G2x, ...

Get Your T-Mobile G-Slate Now At Amazon

Unlike the T-Mobile G2x, The G-Slate tablet isn't all the way ready to be ordered from Amazon. This means that it wont ship until tomorrow which is a ...

T-Mobile G2x Available At Amazon

If you had heard enough about the T-Mobile G2x and you can't wait to order yours, Amazon Wireless has already started selling it for $199.99 with a two ...

Updated: Is the Motorola Atrix 4G Getting HSUPA and Android Updates?

It looks like a "lucky" XDA user Nate2569, as he claims, received two software updates to his Motorola Atrix 4G. We have been hearing reports that AT&T has ...

T-Mobile G2x, T-Mobile G-Slate and Sidekick 4G Prices

We have just announced not too long ago that T-Mobile is going to release the G-Slate, G2X and the Sidekick 4G on April 20th but we did not have any ...

0 Mobile 2.0 For Android Has been Launched

It's about time that Ookla has decided to update its aging interface! I just received this information from their Twitter page. This is actually an update ...

Motorola Xoom May Be Heading To AT&T After All

This isn't a surprise, Motorola is trying to get their Xoom tablet approved by the FCC to allow AT&T and maybe other GSM carriers to sell the Android ...

Facebook For Android Gets An Update To enable Friends Tagging In Status Updates

Facebook for android just got an update today to enable its users to tag their friends when they update their statuses, to find them with the "Find ...

T-Mobile Will Be Launching The G-Slate On April 20th

Everyone has been talking about the T-Mobile G-Slate as the Android tablet that is going to dethrone the Motorola Xoom. T-Mobile store have already been ...

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  1. Mine was sluggish as well. I had to reboot the Revue.

  2. I would go to their Twitter page and bug them….

  3. They’re saying that it would be released on September 8 but it it isn’t confirmed yet.

  4. If only the guy in the video wanted or knew how to dump the ROM to some developer, we will be set.

  5. Congratulations..I got lucky on Sunday at my local Staples. Can’t wait for Android as well! ~Zack

  6. Good eye. We’ll definitely know comes August 29 for sure. We’re going to be in NYC and reporting from there.

  7. Thanks..I haven’t seen it honestly. You could have tipped us though 🙂

  8. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  9. You may get yours next week.

  10. Google+ invite coming your way 🙂

  11. Once I get it lol I am still waiting for the invite 🙁

  12. Thanks. I think that I used an outdated source 🙂 i fixed it! It looks like you are very familiar with Whitepages.

  13. Hi John,

    I should have put “old” instead of “new.” I really appreciate you catching that error.

    Thank you very much


  14. Did you try uninstall it and re-installing it? Did you install the app straight from the phone?

  15. I based it on the fact that Droid 2 was released August last year…That’s all.

  16. It doesn’t actually surprise me at all that AT&T actually requested it as they did for the HSUPA. It is really sad that they, ass consumers, we pay a lot of money for cellphone plans and also on the devices but we still get crappy/shady service.

  17. it does have it…

  18. Wow gajetman, Best speeds I have ever seen on AT&T! do you guys have the enhanced backhaul?

  19. What I would do is to reboot your phone at first and then see what happens. People have reporting having issues with their banking apps as well.

  20. @Mark How are your speeds now?

  21. Let us know Isaac! Thanks

  22. Try again! They just got released.

  23. they probably caught up to it because they were people who successfully updated

  24. Thanks for the heads-up! They are probably working on it

  25. @Matt,
    BGR was able to confirm that this update will enable HSUPA by one their AT&T contacts!

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