Samsung Smartphone sales on track to pass Apple this year

According to Strategy Analytics, it is a big possibility that Samsung may have surpassed Nokia and Apple in smartphone sales during the second quarter of this year. The Korean phone manufacturer could have sold between 18 to 21 million smartphones globally in Q2, while Nokia and Apple sold 16.7 and 20.3 million respectively.

We’re talking about one Android phone manufacturer here folks. Samsung can dethrone Apple by the end of the year as the number one smartphone maker in the world. An estimated 6 million Galaxy S II devices have been sold worldwide and that is without a U.S. release.

Samsung’s Android portfolio is selling strongly in most regions. Samsung and Apple will be at similar levels in smartphones by the end of the year.

Based on the estimation of the International Data Corp., Android OS will increase its market share to 44 percent by the year 2015 while smartphone sales will reach a staggering 472 million devices in 2011, a 55% increase. Samsung, in addition to its higher-end phones, is planning on introducing more affordable models to attract consumers who are looking for cheap devices, J.K.Shin claimed. No wonder why Steve Jobs is feeling the pressure and had to resort to suing his very own display manufacturer.

via Bloomberg