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[APK] Google Calendar 5.0 is up for grabs

If you're already enjoying Gmail 5.0 and want to get more Lollipop goodness, you need to check out the new Calendar 5.0 app with Material Design goodness all over it. I looks really nice guys - don't bother looking for it in the Play Store because it is not there. Google has definitely outdone themselves with the ...

[ICYMI] The new Gmail 5.0 is available, we have the APK

A few days back, a not-that-really stable version of the new Gmail 5.0 have been floating around the web. Although, it worked just fine, it was not the final, user-ready version that Google wanted us to have. As of yesterday, they made the 5.0 version official and pushed it to Play Store. Along with using ...

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