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[Review] Google Pixel XL

You have seen the MANY commercials. Probably plenty of online ads. You may have even walked into a Verizon store or Best Buy and seen it in person. The Google iPhone killer. The Nexus predecessor. The Pixel XL. https://youtu.be/Rykmwn0SMWU   Let me address a few elephants in the room right away... ...

Best Smartphones Available this Holiday

I have been texted countless times asking my opinion on what new phone people should be buying this Holiday season so I figured I would make it easy and just compile my list here. Wouldn't want to actually pick up the phone and discuss or use my unlimited text messaging package, ya know? #1 Hand Down BEST ...

Will The Blackberry Z10 make you leave your Android? (SPOILER: No)

I try to be as unbiased as possible, but hey this is an Android website right? I was given the opportunity to use the new Blackberry Z10 on AT&T for the past few weeks and I truly gave it a fair chance at being my every day main device. There were things I actually liked…but at the end of the day I felt empty ...

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