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HTC Thunderbolt: $149.99 or $124.99 At Wirefly

HTC Thunderbolt: $149.99 or $124.99 At Wirefly

by Zack NebbakiApril 12, 2011

Wirefly does it again, they are running a promotion on the HTC Thunderbolt where you can save $50 off the price of the phone making $149.99 shipped with a 2-year contract. Currently, Verizon sells the HTC beast for $249.99 and Amazon has it for $199.99.

Here is how you get your discount:

  • Add the HTC Thunderbolt to you cart
  • Pick your plans
  • At the checkout page, enter code ” THUNDER0418 “, the discount of $50 will be applied to the balance making the HTC Thunderbolt $149.99. This offer will end Monday.

If you feel like saving an extra $25, go the website:, sign up for an account (if you don’t already have one) and you will get $25 cash back by using the link they provide. For $125, you can then get the HTC Thunderbolt for half the price Verizon is selling it for.

via Wirefly

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