WhitePages to go Android first, gave up on iOS because of long approval process

You guys all know WhitePages, right? It is one of the largest business and people search websites in the U.S., they have over 30 million unique monthly visitors and over 2 billions searches over 1500 websites. WhitePages is planning to launch their “Localicious” app this Wednesday and guess what, they picked Android first!

Although WhitePages still consider Apple as a strong source of revenue, they decided to go the Android route simply because the Cuppertino-based company application process can be long and very difficult. The Localicious app has been sitting on Apple’s desks for more than two months! No wonder why they picked Android first , this means that we should start seeing more companies like WhitePages ditching/preferring iOS for Android.

I think we are going to see a lot of people start to ship Android first.

Kevin Nakao, WhitePages COO, claims that mobile applications are a very important Marketing tool to help promote a product such as Localicious and that it takes a lot of planning with deadlines to launch it to the public. He also added that “Since apps can still get tied up in the iOS approval process, it makes this marketing planning almost impossible.”

WhitePages has two Android testers because they want to make sure that the application is fully compatible with most of the android devices. Nakao also added that developing for Android isn’t easy either but it offers more flexibility than iOS. Localicious is an application that lets you find your local listings by neighborhoods instead of using your geographic location. Here are its features:

  •  Find the places you’re looking for fast with laser-focused neighborhood search.
  • Auto detects your neighborhood to show the best popular businesses nearby.
  • Realtime tips and hot spot alerts keep you updated on what’s happening in your ‘hood.
  • Tap to map another neighborhood and explore across town or across the country.
  • Foursquare users can pre check-in before arriving – just set it and forget it!

Localicious is currently available at the Android Market for free, if you would like to try it. We also included the direct link and QR code for direct download below.

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