[App] Wear Battery Monitor lets you keep an eye on your smartwatch battery life


Since the release of the Moto 360, many reports and reviews claimed that it had a bad battery life. Thankfully, after receiving the KGW42R OTA update, folks have been pretty happy with their watches. However, there was one thing missing: battery life monitoring.

Every Android phone has a feature within the battery setting that allows tracking how fast your phone is draining. With the same idea in mind, developer Ugljesa Jovanovic made an app called Wear Battery Monitor. It uses a graph which calculates the percentage of battery life used over time . You can view it on your phone and watch.

wear-battery-monitor-3 wear-battery-monitor-2
Wear Battery Monitor is still in alpha stages which means that you could encounter bugs.If you encounter bugs, you can reach out to the developer here. We sure hope to see things like screen time and app usage in the future – maybe not from this app but from the upcoming Android Wear 2.0 update which is coming on October 15.

Otherwise, if you’d like to give Wear Battery Monitor a try, we have the download link below.

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