[Watch face] Minimus360 for the Moto 360


Hey guys. I was browsing Google+ and found this awesome looking watch face for my Moto 360. It is called Minimus360 and is developed by FlyingRhinoCMG who is also known for making some really good Android themes.

If you’re a fan of minimal, flat designs, you will definitely like Minimus360. It looks very similar to the “Minimal” watch face that comes pre-installed with the Moto 360 – only better and more refined. The maker of the app, Jose Azua, mentions that if you have the ambient mode on, the watch face goes into “dim mode” which helps with battery life.

There are a couple of things we wish this app offered: the ability to change colors and more customizations.

Minimus360 sells for $0.99 and is currently available in the Play Store. Hit the link below if you want to check it out.

Play Store Link