Want a fake iPhone running Android? Sears’s got you covered for only $264

Check out what’s available for sale on Sears’s website. It’s an iPhone-looking Android device! That’s right! If you you are one of those people who can’t make up your mind on Android vs. iPhone, then this phone will be PERFECT for you! You get an iPhone on the outside, and Android 2.2 on the inside. The phone has a dual-sim card slot, 3.5-inch HVGA screen, camera, support for AT&T’s network, and a super fast Media Tek MTK6516 416MHz processor! The processor alone makes this phone worth every $264!

Apple, instead of suing Samsung for taking ideas from you (which you do all the time), why don’t you go ahead and sue the manufacturers of this phone? It’s obvious that they took your iPhone and simply used the world’s most dominant smartphone OS to power it. Sorry, had to do it 🙂

via Phandroid