Video: Review of the Samsung Epic 4G touch (Galaxy S II)

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch has been announced not too long ago along with other variants of the SGS2 from AT&T and T-Mobile. It is actually the only Galaxy S II phone that has received a release date which was set for September 16. Since then, Wirefly has started a very attractive promotion about the Epic 4G Touch where it is offered at $149.99 for new accounts as well as for upgrades. That’s not all, because Mr. Bob Kovak, from Wirefly, has just uploaded a 10-minute long preliminary review of the Epic 4G touch where he ran a couple of benchmark tests and talked about the phone’s resolution. Please note that this only the first part of his review and that he’ll post another pretty soon. If you were wondering about this Samsung beast and have some time to spare, we suggest you take a look at the video below.

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  • Bb6h22lude4

    Why doesn’t it say samsung on the top front of the phone like they showed at the press event?

  • Meek

    im concerned why quadrant said this device has 1 core…also to answer your question, Sprint’s version (production) isn’t branded on the front it’s on the back. ATT and Tmo versions are branded on front.

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